This article is not the typical tech feature shoot out. Sure that’s what you may have searched for to get here, but I’d like to take a different approach. I could go there, but let me ask you why are you asking that question in the first place? Who are you and what are you trying to accomplish?

If you are a serious business out in the world, yes you need a website to accomplish your goals. If you’re a grandma and want to post articles on your bomb cookie recipe then cool, you don’t need a website, but it might be fun to see what this world wide web is all about.

My point is, websites are just part of the picture. They exist in the larger spectrum of marketing needs. And going back to the serious business, a site is one piece of your online marketing efforts. When you ask the right question, “what are my business goals and what is my overall marketing strategy”, you’ll often find what platform you use has no bearing on your final decision. All a serious business cares about is can I get more customers, make them happy, and keep them longer.

Asking is Wix better than SquareSpace or WordPress is a question for developers. It’s also for that grandma, or casual bloggers. But if you want to run a business, and are entranced by the DIY sale pitch, put your credit card down, click away from that site and contact a professional. And not just a web development professional, unless you absolutely know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

My advice is to contact someone that can help you create a comprehensive marketing plan. That person or agency can point you in the right direction, extract from you what you’re trying to accomplish, and lay out who you should be targeting, how you should be targeting, and how to convert them into sales. That person will see the website as one tool in the toolbox to develop your lead gen and sales funnel.