It takes grit, backbone, drive, determination, and smarts to do what you want and be successful at it. Sometimes you need to do things you might not want to do. But whatever it is that burns deep down inside, you need to listen to that. Let it out. Let it breathe between the tasks and busy work. Bang away on your craft. Keep that as your focus, your compass, and never forget it. It will keep you going through the long nights, the deadlines, the frustrations, the funding that gets cut off. Put it on post-it notes on the fridge and bulletin board. On your alarm clock. Remind yourself everyday.

My higher vision is giving back, creating radical change in the world, creating new systems that benefit not just the few. I have shifted focus in my life, reinventing myself several times. But the underline purpose hasn’t changed. Jobs have changed. Projects have changed. Circumstances have changed. People have changed. But my purpose has largely remained the same. My life has been a chiseling away of the fluff, getting closer and closer to what really matters.

When I set out in my early twenties, I just wanted change. I wasn’t satisfied at how things were going in the world and let “the man” know. The underlying sentiment was authentic, but unguided. Over the years, there has been re-prioritizing that has taken place. I’m in a much better place now. Not against the world, but with the world, fully present. I see ways I can improve it, starting with me. It’s important that I network with like minded people. Change makers, conscious entrepreneurs, collaborators. People also driven with the same passions and goals.

So whatever it is that drives you, keep it as your focus. It can be raising a family, being the best online marketer, sharing your culinary skills, inspiring others, building things, creating, nature. You’ll be happier and more fulfilled AND more successful! You can know that you gave it your all, offered your gifts to the world, and have no regrets.