Hoel’s Indian Shop


It’s been a pleasure working with Carol on her website. We’ve overhauled it quite a bit to get it to it’s current state. The site does an amazing job at showcasing the unique blend of one of a kind, Native American Arts & Crafts, she and her husband curate.

We are constantly tweaking it to extract the best conversions and fastest load times. And we are going through and SEO optimizing the content to rank higher for select keywords.

And her newsletters have been received with not only rave reviews, but an immediate impact on sales.

Carol is my dream client. Someone who trust my expertise and suggestions, allows me flexibility, and the results show, both in aesthetics, conversions and sales. And we’re just warming up!


Web developement, email newsletter design, banner design, on-page SEO.

Project Details

Client: Hoel’s Indian Shop, Sedona AZ
View: hoelsindianshop.com


Web TechnologiesWeb DesignResponsive DesignE-commerceE-mail AutorespondersOn-page SEO

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